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Testimonials: Recognitions

"Denise is very whole-heartedly in her coaching, expressing and acting out her values and challenges in a way that makes me as a coachee comfortable and safe about my own insecurities."

- Stephanie M. J., Denmark

"Denise is a high energy coach who uses her heart. During our sessions, I feel we are long-term friend who is always at my side. She often leads me to clarity and helps me discover a new path for the old questions. I'm enjoying her warm, wise & persistent approach to supporting my life goals."

- Sew E. K., Malaysia

"I had a very great session with Denise! She organised all the obstacles, potential interests, and options into a very clear picture of actions that I need to do in order to make a change in my life. I would like sincerely thank you, Denise, for the time you spent listening to me and helping out with my agenda. Now I know what I shall start with and what steps to take. I will definitely report my progress to you and book another session with Denise:)"

 - Olesya D., Germany

"She helped me a lot within these 4 weeks! She would listen to your problems and help us to overcome them. She’s a great listener & a great advisor!! 

I learned a lot using different exercise to calm down including meditation. Today, I am more confident, have higher self-esteem & being positive. I always think that it is normal to feel stress every day. Coming home from work was always dreadful but after the coaching sessions, I don’t have much of these feelings anymore. I am able to be more relax after work!

Thank you for being so supportive and an amazing coach! I really enjoy every single coaching session I had with you! Without you, I couldn’t experience all these fun ways to release stress!"

- Tan S.A., Malaysia

"Denise is a really excellent listener. I’ve never done life coaching before, so I was a bit skeptical when she and I had our first chat, but I was thoroughly surprised at how much I could learn / unlearn in one sitting!"

- Cole B., Denmark

"After 4 times of coaching with Denise, I have gained new perspectives and possibilities through the coaching session and activities .
What I liked the most is her active listening skill and warm personality. She has been helpful and gave me encouragement and assurance whenever I was in doubt at times.Her way of coaching style enabled me to sort out my mind effectively and prioritize between personal and work better. Thank you very much for her helpful tips, ideas and insight.

- Chan M. Y., Malaysia

"I had never tried speed-coaching or coachning in general before and did not really know what to expect from one session to be honest. However, I joined Denise for a coachning session to talk about my motivation / lack of motivation for working out. My session with Denise took place 1 week before a boxning bootcamp I had signed up to. Previously, I have signed up to multiple fitness gyms and classes, but always lacking motivation to continue with it after I ended a proffessional soccer career a few years back, so I took this opportunity to be coached by Denise. I was really surprised how much I could learn/ unlearn in one session. Denise introduced me to manifestation, something I never used in my everyday life before, but something I use every day now, and I completed my 1 month bootcamp + signed up for 3 more months, and I haven´t missed a class, so I am super happy and I am 100% sure the manifestation is playing a big role here. I would recommend Denise to everyone!"

- Stina G., Denmark

Speed coaching is an interesting approach and it's definitely helpful to talk to a person like Denise. She showed a lot of interest in my story and listened patiently to what I'm struggling with in my career. It's now clearer than ever that my "double life" as a nutritionist and film journalist is actually an advantage, as long as I don't allow others' perception of me to put me into a box.
I'll seriously consider the tools she suggested and hopefully implement them this time :) It's really the execution that is holding me back but talking to Denise gave me some accountability.

- Dana K., Germany

"I have always thought coaching was a bad idea, but after several sessions with Denise Tham, I have changed my mind. Coaching helps to gain deeper insights into one’s self. If you are in need of a coach I will like to recommend Denise Tham!"

- Folajimi A., Denmark

"Having Denise to coach me on what really matters to me has pushed and challenged me on my thinking, values and beliefs. She has guided me and showed me the potential I have and needed to see in myself. I now know what matters and gain tremendous confidence knowing that I have the strength and potential in me."

- Angellica L., Malaysia

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